PIMEX - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does PIMEX run on Windows Vista and Windows 7 (including 64 bit versions)?

Yes. Starting with version 1.21 PIMEX automatically configures its database engine on Windows Vista and Windows 7 during the program installation, assuming that you have installed it while logged on as a user with full administrative rights. Otherwise you may see the following error on program startup:

“Network initialization failed. Permission denied. File C:\PDOXUSRS.NET”

To fix this error, you need to configure the database engine manually by following these steps:

1. Open Control Panel and start BDE Administrator. If you don’t see the BDE Administrator icon, click on “Classic View” and on “View 32 bit Control Panel Items”

2. In BDE Administrator click on Configuration tab

3. Browse to Configuration/Drivers/Native/Paradox node in the tree view

4. On the right side, next to "NET DIR", click on the button and browse to C:\Users\Public folder. Click OK

5. Click on "Apply" (right-most) button in the tool bar or select Object -> Apply menu

6. Close BDE Administrator.

Q: I can’t open Help on Windows Vista or Windows 7. What should I do?

When attempting to access the product help, you may see the following message: “Why can’t I get help from this program? The help for this program was created…”, followed by the link to Microsoft support page where WinHlp32.exe is available for download. Follow the online instructions to download and install WinHlp32.

WinHlp32 installation may disable the use of macros which are required to view PIMEX Help correctly. When you open the help file, you may see the following error: “There was a problem running the macro. (1037)”. To fix this problem:

1. Open Microsoft WinHlp32 support page: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/917607

2. Scroll down to the “How to enable macros on a single computer after you install the WinHlp32.exe download” topic, and then further to “Fix it for me” section: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/917607#fixit4me

3. Click on the button to download and run the automatic fix (Microsoft Fix it: 50105).

Q: How do I sort an address book in alphabetical order?

Click on a column header in the list view. First click – ascending order, second click – descending order, third click – unsorted.

Q: How do I add or remove columns in the address book list view?

Click on Settings icon on the right side and use the columns configuration screen to add or remove visible columns.